Why is investing in diamonds so important?

Investing in jewellery has been an ever-old tradition of most people across the world. Since ancient days people have invested in jewellery, thinking it would benefit them or save them in trying times. Even today, it is one of the most important investments other than properties and other stuff. Diamonds are one of such investments which can fetch you a good amount if you sell them sometime after. Along with Gold, Investing in Diamonds is also very much in trend nowadays. With every passing day, there is a steady price appreciation happening for diamonds. While investing in Diamonds, there are few things to keep in mind, which are discussed below.

The advantages of investing in Diamond Jewellery:

For quite a few years, Diamonds has been quite a lucrative investment for people across the globe. People have started valuing diamonds more and have found ways to invest in them. These are few points to keep in mind before investing in diamonds.-

  1. Sizes matter a lot while investing in Diamonds. No matter how small or big the stone is, the cost doesn’t deter. Unlike gold, the price of a small stone is much much higher than a piece of gold would be. So it’s a good investment, to be honest.
  1. Storing is easy in terms of diamond jewellery. It is very safe and easy to keep diamonds worth lakhs in small cases too. The investment seems good as you can use the jewellery and still, the price won’t just depreciate.
  2. There is a long-lasting event that happens in the case of diamonds. It might shine like a star, but it is one of the hardest things amongst all other jewellery you have. So the durability is quite high here.
  3. Unlike other Jewellery, Diamond is movable. It has got inflation-proof too and has great advantages to your financial needs.

The green stoned-Emerald

Emerald has been a green-eyed beauty since ancient times. Not a woman in the world who doesn’t fall for this beauty. Being the rarest of the gemstones, Emerald attracts everybody around.

Touted as one of the popular stones globally, this green stone, along with diamonds, ruby and sapphire, forms the Beryl family. Emerald stands out on its own with its colour appealing to the eyes of the beholder. It holds a great deal in the world of astrology too.

Few things to keep in mind before buying emeralds:

  1. The colour of the emerald stone should be naturally green. This states the stone is authentic.
  2. Keeping in mind the stone’s clarity, if the light travels around and gives a sparkly shine, the stone is perfect to go with.
  3. The prices differ according to the place of origin. Like a Columbian Emerald is pretty much higher than the Zambian ones or South African ones. So people should notice the origin before buying.
  4. Another point to be noted is the carat and certifications, which one should take care of

Emerald Pricing and importance:

Emerald is quite pricey in terms of other jewellery. A 1 carat of low-grade emerald can cost up to $200, while a 1 carat of a high-quality gemstone can go up to $18,000. At the same time, lab-made synthetic emeralds are priced at a cheaper level. The price also depends on the gemstone’s origin, like a Colombian, Zambia and South Africa Emerald price higher while stones from Afghanistan, Pakistan costs lesser. The pricing also depends on the transparency and carat of the gemstones.


Buying an emerald or investing in a diamond, both of the stones are precious and valued. Both the stones are popular and pricey and, when sold, can give quite a buck in return. These are the riches that everyone at some point thinks of owning.