Using Semi-Precious Stones to Make Jewellery

Semi-precious beads are available to be used in jewellery making. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Sometimes, these beads are incorporated into findings and components.

A stone’s quality, colour, and clarity can impact its price, size, and rarity. A lot of common stones can be purchased inexpensively and the beads come with a variety of uses that include for wirework projects and stringing. Semi-precious stones are known for being hard wearing and durable. Because of their availability in a wide range of colours, they can be combined with other stones and findings to come up with lovely jewellery pieces. Also, they are available in a variety of types, these stones can be purchased in various finishes like polished, rough, dyed, or frosted. Strings of semi precious stones are available as jewellery pieces.

The Unseen Properties of Semi-Precious Stones

A lot of people think that semi-precious stones have healing and other properties like their ability to absorb negative energy or electromagnetic smog from the atmosphere. Such effect is believed to happen as every kind of stone has its own vibrational energy so it interacts with the environment it is placed in and the people within it.

A lot of resources are available dedicated to these properties of semi-precious stones and the way they can be utilised for improving homes and work environments, balancing emotions, and healing illnesses.

What Makes a Stone Semi-Precious?

The secondary status of semi-precious stones isn’t taken conclusively because the reason behind such status does not always show a fault in their nature or composition. Gemstones are categorised based on their rarity which influences the assigned status of gemstones as precious and semi-precious.

Gemstones can also be categorised as semi-precious according to the stone’s purity. Precious stones are classified according to the quality of their colour, luster, and clarity. With such a criterion, even diamonds of lesser quality can be considered as semi-precious stones. Non-mineral varieties of gemstones are also categorised as semi-precious and used in jewellery.

Using Semi-Precious Stones in Jewellery

Each semi-precious stone has its own healing and metaphysical properties. While the majority of these stones are hard wearing and can be utilised in a lot of applications, some are more delicate and better used in some forms. Because they come in different colours, they can be combined easily in a piece of jewellery, either with different beads or other stones.

When planning the designs, it is important to check the hole’s size in the semi-precious stones to be used. A lot of stones only have a small hole which makes them unsuitable for use in thicker cords like ribbon or leather. Some stones have a faceted finish. Chip beads are usually the most affordable way to purchase semi-precious stones. They are made from the leftover pieces of stone when other beads are created. They are avaialble in a variety of sizes and shapes; however, they can be used in a lot of methods like stringing, wire work, and bead crochet. Semi-precious stones have natural variations that can be used to add extra detail, interest, and uniqueness to a piece of jewellery.