Taking Your Gems To A Lab: What It Will Tell You

Whether you have heirloom jewellery, loose gemstones, or jewellery, you are unsure what the gems are; you may want to send them to a gemstone laboratory to have them tested. They will be able to provide you with a report that will tell you precisely what you have. The expense of these reports is worth the investment, especially if you need insurance. Below is some of the information you can expect to see on your gemmological report that will tell you what gems you have so you can find out their value.

Identify The Gems

One of the first things that gemstone laboratories will report on is the identification of the gemstone. They will let you know precisely what gems you have, and it is not always obvious. You can identify your gems so that you know what you have, which can better indicate what they are worth.

Real vs. Artificial

Your gemstone report will also tell you whether your gems are natural or artificial, and there are many manufactured gems available on the market. As technology moves forward, it is possible to create synthetic gemstones that look authentic to the untrained eye, and they often need an expert to differentiate between them.

Identify The Four Cs

Your gemstone report can also help identify the four Cs of your gem, giving you a better indication of their value. The four C are used will all gemstones, and the information it will tell you is as follows:

The Cut – Your report will tell you the cut of your gemstones, and there are many different cuts used. Some popular cuts include brilliant, round, cushion, emerald, princess, and oval cut gems.

The Colour – The report will also confirm the colour of your gems and give them a grade depending on this factor.

The Clarity – The clarity of the gem is another vital factor that dictates their value, and your report will confirm their clarity and grade them accordingly.

The Carat – The carat is a term that refers to the weight of the gem and how big they are. Your report will establish the carat of your gemstones, making it easier for you to determine their worth.

Are They Enhanced?

A gemmological report will also tell you if the gems have been enhanced, and if so, using what method. There are many ways to enhance gems, and it is also common for this to be done to increase their aesthetic appeal. You can find out more information on the ways gemstones are enhanced by clicking here.