Take care of your dog’s diet with your online veterinarian

Whether for competition, work, companionship, or sport, the dog is one of man’s most beloved and oldest companions. To receive the love of your dog, it is essential to show him that you love him by taking care of his diet. You can take advice from your Vetsend online vet who is there to help you with this.

Why take advice from a professional online veterinarian?

Getting advice from an online animal specialist is imperative because any imbalance in the rationing of your pet’s food can lead to irreversible problems. Because food is prepared according to age and weight category (growth, adult, old age, etc.), or according to the physiological status of the dog (gestation, lactation, sterilized animal, activity level, etc.) or also to meet breed specificities. In addition, some owners prefer to prepare their pet’s food on the basis of fresh/raw and cooked food (home ration)

Free advice for a good diet for your dog

It is imperative that your dog has permanent access to fresh drinking water every day, to ensure its daily well-being. As for the frequency of feeding, depending on the size and breed of your dog, it is advisable for most dogs to split the daily ration into two portions (one in the morning and one in the evening).

However, puppies and small breeds can be fed three times a day. The daily dose should be controlled (on veterinary advice). And to avoid excessive weight gain (do not fill the bowl to capacity), the recommended amount of food should be fed. Do not feed your dog when you are at the table.

It is essential to know that some large breeds or breeds with a deep and narrow thorax, such as the Great Dane, are predisposed to the stomach torsion-dilatation syndrome caused by the consumption of an excessive quantity of food at once. This syndrome is a veterinary emergency and requires immediate consultation. For more information, you can consult your veterinarian on this subject. Some foods are toxic to dogs, such as chocolate, grapes (seeds), onions, and avocado are not recommended.

Buy food for your dog online

As dogs are carnivores, their need for animal protein is high. A balanced and complete quality diet is obviously recommended to feed him adequately. High-quality wet and dry industrial foods have been specially designed to meet the specific needs of each species. It is therefore advisable to consult a veterinarian for advice on the choice of food to buy.