How To Get The Best Price On Silver Jewellery In Bangkok?

When you visit Bangkok, you will find it an excellent destination for shopping, and the prices are often fantastic compared to western countries. One of the best things you can purchase in Bangkok is jewellery, as it is a global trading centre for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones. If your budget cannot quite stretch to gold jewellery, this is an extensive selection of silver jewellery from which you can choose. Below are some tips to get the best price on silver jewellery while in Bangkok, which may allow you to purchase more than you intended.

Shop Around

The best way to find bargains, including silver jewellery, is to shop around and visit as many shops as you can. There are many silver jewellery shops throughout Thailand, but you will be best off steering clear of the ones you find in shopping malls as they will charge more. Look for the smaller independent jewellery stores where you can often get the best deals, and there are also plenty of markets you can visit. These smaller stores will make beautiful handmade jewellery that looks exquisite and is often cheaper than you may think.

Learn To Haggle

You can haggle on the price of many products in Thailand, including silver jewellery. As such, you will want to try haggling on the price, and if you purchase more than one silver pendant, wholesale prices are often achievable. You will need to let the shop owner start by asking for their best price, then negotiate from there. However, you do not want to be too aggressive with haggling and do not try and drive the price too low, as you may offend them. If you do this, they may not want to sell you anything, even at the full price, so you may miss out on that beautiful silver jewellery you like so much.

Do Not Forget Your Passport

Goods in Thailand have 7% VAT included in their prices, but this can be refunded for tourists. You will need to find a jewellery store that is a member of the VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, and you will need your passport to get this discount. However, not all companies are members of the scheme, but you can still get the VAT back on your purchase. You will need to claim within sixty days of your purchase and do this at the airport before leaving the country. The process is quick and simple, fill out a few forms, show your passport, and you can get your refund within a few minutes. Ensure you get to the airport early, and you should have no problem claiming back your VAT and making your purchase even more of a bargain.