How LG Refrigerator System Works and Steps to Replace It?

Surprisingly, millions of people in the US struggle with water-borne diseases, every year. So, it is essential to have a filter system installed to clear the contaminants like fluoride, cryptosporidium, chlorine, and lead. Even if you choose a refrigerator with an in-built filter system ensure it is NSF certified for proper removal of contaminants.

LG refrigerators filter system – How it works?

Genuine LG water filter allows you to enjoy clean and freshwater without any after taste or odor. Even water with a harsh chemical taste gets purified. You can look at LG’s LFXS28566S model on It is equipped with a Genuine 3-tier filtration system.

  1. Pre-carbon filter – Removes residual chlorine and heavy metals
  2. UF filter – Removes particles and bacteria
  3. Post-carbon filter – removes organic chemicals

Other helpful features of the LG water filter system

  • The SS water tank prevents the water from secondary contamination.
  • The measured fill function helps you cook conveniently without any measuring device.
  • The sliding table allows putting a large bowl or bottle under the dispenser with ease.
  • Stylish dispenser design includes an LCD panel with a touch screen.

Genuine water filtration technology helps to eliminate the emerging and popular contaminants found in tap water like detergents, chemicals, and pesticides. You get high-quality ice cubes and drinking water. LT1000P filters used in LG’s latest models are capable to filter specific OTC and prescription drugs.

Where to buy replacement filters?

Third-party or deceptively labeled filters can hinder your LG refrigerator’s warranty. Therefore, replace your old one with the LG brand’s non-expired filter. Replace filters after every six months to keep ice and water tasting good.

Steps for replacing new LT1000P filter

Remove top shelf – 

  1. Tilt the front upwards and lift it.
  2. Now, gently pull the shelf outwards.

Remove old filter –

  1. Pull old filter downwards and rotate it anti-clockwise completely.
  2. Now, pull it from the manifold hole.

Install new LT1000P filter

  1. Unpack the new LT1000P filter.
  2. Remove the protective covering from its O-rings.
  3. Grab the filter in a horizontal position and push it inside the manifold hole.
  4. Now, rotate it clock-wise completely.
  5. Close the cover.

Remove trapped air –

  1. After the filter is replaced, you need to dispense water around 2.5 gallons to eliminate any trapped air or contaminants from the system.
  2. Instead of dispensing continuously depress and release for cycles of 30 sec ON and 60 sec OFF.

You can sign up with LG retailers for an automatic filter replacement program, which delivers a new filter every six months. It offers great savings and even convenience.