How do safety glasses differ from the normal eyewear       


There is a huge difference between safety glasses and normal eyeglasses. Safety glasses must conform to higher safety standards to be able to resist impact than normal eyeglasses. The high standards of safety glasses must apply to the frames and the lenses as well. Safety glasses are sometimes called goggles. They are worn to protect the eyes from direct impact.

Types of safety glasses

There are two different types of safety glasses. The first one is the prescription safety eyeglasses and the second one is the non-prescription safety eyeglasses. Although regular are sizeable and some are durable, they will never qualify to fit in the place of safety eyeglasses. Safety eyeglasses must meet certain or specified criteria.

In the united states, for example, the government established important safety guidelines for workplaces. The safety guidelines were specifically put in place to avoid the risk of getting injured while working. That is why the safety glasses must always meet certain safety standards.

Other gears that can be worn for protection apart from the safety eyeglasses include face shields welding helmets, goggles, and full-face respirators among other protective gears